Before stats: 170 pounds  | After: 150 pounds

Brandy is mother of 3 kids and recently just had twins.  She has always been active and workout during her entire pregnancy.   She took a 45 day challenge after the twins were born and not only did she lose all the baby weight, baby and lost 7 inches around her waist and 20lbs!!


Before stats: 195 pounds  | After: 170 pounds

Jim owns his own business so from time to time its hard for him to come in regularly.  We were able to get him on a regimen and set up his Nutrition.  He signed up for a Spartan Race as a main goal to stay focused.   Prior to the race, Jim lost 25lbs in 40 days and his cardio went thru the roof.  He finished his first Spartan race and continues to challenge himself


Before stats: 225 pounds  | After: 190 pounds

Leslie has been a member at MBX for quite sometime.  Like most people, Leslie always went up and down in weight.  We decided to do a challenge and we held him accountable for his food and the amount of days he trained.  His pictures show how much hard work he put in.  Not only has he kept the weight off but he recently opened up a healthy restaurant with his wife called Arlet’s Cafe.  He continues to inspire people here at the gym and in life


Before stats: 205 pounds  | After: 175 pounds

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to Jessie.  He came to me wanting to lose weight and tone up.  I said ok, lets tackle one thing at a time.   These pictures are 45 days apart and the difference is insane.  Here is the crazy part, his diet was good but he was a drinker.  We all like to have the occasional beer or drink from time to time.   Point is, people assume they need to stop living to lose weight.  MBX offers a wide variety a weight solutions and Jessie is proof to that.


Before stats: 360 pounds  | After: 250 pounds

Diane came into MBX frustrated and losing faith in trying to keep weight off.  She struggled with food but on top of that, she wasn’t eating enough HEALTHY food.  Like everyone, so many people will eat one meal a day or starve there body to lose weight.  Not only is that unhealthy but your body can’t burn the right fat off.  Once we set Diane up with proper food and eating habits, the weight came flying off.  She worked out 4 to 5 times a week and also did hikes on the weekend.  She still has kept the weight off and looks amazing!!  You just have to believe!


Before stats: 170 pounds  | After: 135 pounds

Chandler came in to MBX for something new.  The gym wasn’t his thing and he really didn’t know how to workout.  He came in everyday from school and wanted to be a better person and be inshape.  His results were about 60 days and as you can tell, it paid off.  His confidence went thru the roof and he was more comfortable with his body.   Any age or fitness level can make a change, you just have to want it!


Before stats: 110 pounds  | After: 135 pounds

Brigette is you typical high schooler with alot of love for life.  She competed in pageants and was looking for something that would get her to put some size on.  She had a small and petite figure but wanted more muscle.  We did a program and set a goal for her to compete in a figure competition.  One year later and she has multiple sponsors, is the current Miss Los Angeles and continues to make a name for herself.  Whatever your goal is, we can get you there